How it Works

Step 1:

Use our booking tool to request a pickup. Note that we're currently only accepting pickups in Washington, DC.

step 2:

Bag up all your old clothing in a trash or shopping bag. We accept clothing of any type in just about any condition, as long as it's been laundered. This includes last season's looks on down to your holey socks, old underwear, stained baby clothes, and anything else you no longer want. Our mission is to keep clothing out of the landfill.

step 3:

We collect your bags from your door at the appointed time.

step 4:

We donate a selection of your items to local charities like Dress for Success and Thrive (depending on their needs), consign higher-end or better-quality garments to secondhand and vintage stores, and recycle out-of-style or unwearable garments (the stained, holey stuff) with our partner Fab-Tech.

step 5:

You can feel good that you not only kept clothing out of the landfill, but that you also helped support a local charity in need!

What We Accept

Give us your tired t-shirts, your poor pantyhose, your huddled hand-me-downs, yearning to be repurposed! This includes:

  • Any wearable-quality clothing like tops, bottoms, dresses, etc.
  • Any unwearable garments that have holes, tears, discoloration, pilling, sweat stains, general wear and tear
  • Underwear and bras
  • Linens like sheets and towels
  • Accessories like shoes, handbags, scarves, hats, and gloves

Note: Clothing must be laundered AND DRY prior to pick-up.

What We Currently Do Not Accept

We are currently not accepting:

  • Clothing that is wet or has hard-to-remove stains like oil or grease
  • Large items like furniture, household items, or luggage
  • Any garment that has not been laundered prior to pick-up