Book a Pickup

Request a pickup using the booking tool below. Please visit How It Works for guidelines on what items we currently do and do not accept.

(For annual membership holders, select the Annual Member option.)


Flat pay-per-pickup: $15/pickup

This options includes up to 10 thirteen-gallon (tall kitchen-sized) trash bags or 150 pounds. For more than 10 bags/150 pounds, please book a second pickup. Please see How It Works for guidelines on what we currently do and do not accept.

Location & Hours

We are accepting pickup requests anywhere within Washington, DC city limits. 

summer hours

June 1 through Labor Day, we will be conducting pickups on Tuesdays and Sundays only.

Not in DC? Need a Morning Pickup?

If you are interested in booking a pickup, but live outside the areas listed above or you need a pickup during different hours, let us know where or when you want us to come next, and leave your email if you want to keep up with us as we grow.

Please let us know which city and state you would be interested in getting pickups at, or what time is most convenient for you for a pickup.