Texiles™ Launches!

Texiles™, the first post-consumer clothing recycling company, launches door-to-door pickup service in Washington, DC today. 

Americans throw almost 13 million tons of clothing in the trash every year. This material decomposes slowly and releases harmful greenhouse gases into our atmosphere. Yet, 95% of it can be recycled.

Texiles™'s mission is to collect that material before it gets to the landfill and recycle it. Before, your old holey or stained clothes went straight into the trash. Now, a friendly Texiles™ tech will come and pick up your old clothes at your door and make sure they get disposed of properly.

What can you give us? Any garment of clothing – in great shape or (pretty much) the worst. (See How it Works for a full list of what we do and don't currently accept.)

Use our handy booking tool to make an appointment for pickup. We're currently accepting pickups within Washington, DC city limits.